| Earn 10 Fuel Rewards | Credit Card – Any Shell station that accepts the Shell Fuel Rewards Program may be utilized. It’s easy to find participating locations on the Shell Fuel Rewards website.

Using Shell’s Fuel Rewards Program is only possible if you have a credit card with our name. With a house brand credit card, an organization may offer its customers more lenient and lengthier terms than it would otherwise. Aside from fuel discounts, Shell’s Energy Incentives Program provides various other benefits. | Earn 10 Fuel Rewards | Credit Card

Shell provides a primary credit card that can be used everywhere. Mastercard is accepted as an added convenience. Known as the Chevron Fuel Rewards Card, Citigroup also provides this card.

How to Fill Out a Questionnaire?

  • The conditions reward program might be changed or canceled by Shell.
  • If you spend more than $10,000 a year on food and groceries, you aren’t eligible for reimbursement.
  • Please allow up to four weeks to deliver your card once your application is approved.
  • In some instances, combining several discounts and rewards is not possible.
  • Gallons purchased are multiplied by 5 cents to round the credit balance to the nearest penny.
  • Gallon information may not be provided in some instances. However, an average selling price per gallon statistic obtained from the U.S. Department of Energy will estimate how many gallons are purchased.

Rewards and Benefits

Restaurant and grocery store purchases may be discounted up to 10% for Shell Fuel Reward Cardholders. 05 Shell gasoline might save you up to $30 per litre for the first time you fill up your tank.

By using this card, owners may save $5 per litre on fill-ups of up to 20 litres. In addition, on every fill-up, Shell Fuel Loyalty Cardholders will get a 3 cent discount. Shell Fuel Bonus rewards don’t have any recurring fees. | Earn 10 Fuel Rewards | Credit Card

In addition, cardholders will get 100% security level, breakdown cover, travel & crisis support, and special savings when they use this card. Finally, there is the Shell Rewards in addition to Sears/Citibank U.S.’s MasterCard. Like its predecessor, this card offers a host of benefits.

Purchases of up to 35 gallons of gasoline may result in savings of up to 10 cents per gallon for cardmembers.

All other purchases made with the Shell Reward Card will earn a 2% reward.

When making purchases outside of the country, you should pay a fee of at least three per cent.

Cardholders of the Shell Rewards MasterCard will also access anti-theft features, breakdown cover, and a safe payment method.

Rules & Regulations:-

For a person to open a bank account, they must acquire, verify, and record personal information. Account creation requires submitting an applicant’s complete name, address, and birthdate (if applicable). In addition, applicants may request proof of identification, including a driver’s licence or passport. To add more authorised users to your account, you’ll need to identify them. | Earn 10 Fuel Rewards | Credit Card

If you repay all of your debts on time each month, there is no interest. However, at least 20 to 25 days after the conclusion of your pay period, you must submit your paperwork. Penalties of $20 to $40 for late payments are not uncommon. This card has no annual charge. However, cashback rewards are subjected to a cost of $10 or 5% of the amount borrowed.


As an Anglo-Dutch oil firm, Shell Oil services consumers all over the globe. As the Shell Transport & Marketing Company in 1897, it was principally engaged in the transportation and trading of petrochemical products in European & Asian marketplaces.

More than 70 countries are part of the Shell Oil Company’s worldwide network, which produces around 3.7 million litres of oil each day. In addition to oil, they provide rewards programs in the U.s via a joint venture with Citibank.

Shell has a market share of more than 70% in the oil and refinery industry in the United States.


To reward loyal Shell customers who often stop by Shell gas stations to fill up their tank and do their shopping, the Shell Fuel Rewards Card has been devised.

If you don’t already have a credit card that offers grocery and dining purchases points, this is a smart option. Compared to other cashback cards, it provides a 2 per cent reward. But because the credits you earn may only be for Shell gasoline purchases, customers who buy gas anywhere else are unlikely to benefit from this card enough to make it worthwhile. | Earn 10 Fuel Rewards | Credit Card FAQs

  • Why is Shell Gold membership so valuable?

Answer – Using your Fuel Rewards program or your Alt ID is required when filling it up at a qualified Shell station. Fuel Rewards purchases are eligible for a $5 per gallon discount for Gold members.

  • Do you know how to receive a Shell gas rewards card?

Answer – At Shell, you may earn money every day. When you join the Fuel Rewards programme, you’ll get a free card or ALT ID. To acquire eight gallons of fuel at a nearby Shell station, scan or enter your ALT ID. You may earn up to 5 cents per gallon on a standard or plus fill.

  • How many locations can I use my Shell Card at?

Answer – The Fuel Rewards points card, on the other hand, can only be used at Shell gas stations, as opposed to the Shell Mastercard.

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